Editing Page

This page is going to be the page where I explain how I edit my videos and how fun I find it. Who’s videos I edit and how I got into editing.

What editing software I use and how to use it

When editing videos I use a bunch of things.

If I’ve recorded something on my phone and I want it edited in a hurry (I don’t want to spend time downloading it into my proper editing software) then I’ll use Imovie which I have installed on my phone but it is only for apple devices.

When I’m trying to be more professional and trying to make videos good and fun I edit using a piece of software called: Davinci Resolve 16 and I use the free version (Not premium)

Davinci Resolve is an amazing editing software that I use to edit all of my Gaming videos. I also use it to edit CracktestGaming’s videos and will use it when I edit some of Pinky Chicken’s videos.

It looks quite complex at first but once you have understood it then you will find it very easy to use.

Heres how it work:

Firstly, you need to start a project which you do by clicking “untitled project”

It will open a new project for you and the first thing you want to do before you add any clips is to click on the file button and click save as and save it to your documents so if it crashes it will be saved. (Which this editing software does like to do)

Then you need to click “file” and then click “Import file” and then “import media” and select the file you want to add.

After you have done that I recommend you save which you can do by either selecting “file” and then “save” not “Save as” or you can use the shortcut which on a windows is “Control and s” and on an imac or macbook is “command and s.”

Now You need to drag your clips you have sent to here:

If you have a look at the photo before that one you’ll figure out where it has to go.

Then if you look at the bottom of the davinci resolve buttons there is the one you are on called “cut” (If you hover over it with your mouse it’ll tell you the name of the section your on). You want to select the one to the right of it called “edit”.

Then you can click the video and it will highlight it in orange to show you have selected it and then you can click timeline which is at the top a few along from where it says file. If you click Timeline and go down to razor you will split the clip. Then if you split a clip twice it will have cut it so you can select it and if you click the delete button your keyboard then it will delete the clip that is selected.

If you click edit which is at the top along with file then you can click undo and redo if you make any mistakes.

That is the basics and if you want to learn how to use Davinci Resolve 16 in a much more comple way then there are lot’s of tutorials on how to and there is a tutorial on davinci itself. As I said I will possibly even create a tutorial video myself.

I hope this helped but it is quite hard to type out the instructions without showing a video on what to do.

What is it like to edit videos

I really enjoy editing videos and I don’t know why really it was just something that I thought was really cool so decided to have a go and the first editing software I ever used was imovie which is a great editing app for starters and I strongly recommend it. I got into editing so much though and it would make the day go so quick because I would be in my room editing something for about 3 hours a day and it was so fun and it just relaxed me quite a bit I guess.

How I got into editing

I got into editing by watching youtube videos because I would watch them and see these amazing edits and instantly wanted to learn how to do it so I spent so long trying to learn and watch tutorials on how to use editing software such as Imovie and now Davinci resolve.

Who’s videos I edit

I edit quite a few people’s videos for free because for me I don’t really care about earning money for editing as I just want editing to be a little side hobby that I do in my free time so I edit people’s videos just for plain entertainment and relaxation. Some videos I edit quite simple and sometimes I make the edits slightly more complex and funny. I really enjoy the more complex edits but they take longer and sometimes when I am told to edit it by a certain time, I need to just go for a quick edit that still makes it look good.

At the moment I edit CracktestGaming’s videos and are very fun to edit. He has gotten davinci resolve 16 now so he might try and learn how to edit so then every now and again he can edit his own videos but if he likes me editing them then I am happy to continue editing.

I also edit Rowan White-Sharman’s videos every now and again however he hasn’t sent me a video to edit in a while so I’m guessing he is taking a break at the moment. 

I think I will soon be editing pinky chicken’s videos who used to be known as Lumpy slugs. 

They are all the people who’s videos I edit but I’m sure that maybe as some of my other friends create channels they might ask me to edit their videos for them.