This is the map of all my pages. Come here if you want to find out what each does and would like to Navigate them easily.

Home Page

This is the page that tells you what this website will be about and this is the first page you will have seen when you clicked on the website.

Information on videos

This is the page where I tell you what’s going on in my life with youtube for example when I’m going to upload a video and I might sometimes release a short teaser/ promo of a video I make before it comes out.

Editing page

This is the page where I explain lot’s of things like what I use to edit and I try to give the best tutorial I can, I also talk about how I got into editing, why I find it fun and who’s videos I edit.

Photoshop page

This page is where I explain how I photoshop and what pieces of software do I use?

About My Channel page

This page will tell you what my channel is about and what I want to achieve and how many subscribers I have at the start of every year and it tells you basically stuff about my youtube channel.