What’s going on?

This page is where I post what is going on in my youtube life and how everything is. I might add teasers for my next video and I might talk about what is happening with youtube and what I might make videos on and I will post things which explain why I might be taking a break from youtube (It might be due to a holiday or I don’t feel like it).

This is where I upload information about my channel and upcoming videos.

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This video should have been released on Monday 24th October 2022 however wasn’t due to it still being in my folder untouched, therefore unedited… I disliked this video so much I edited out a large section of me exploring the Redstone mechanics of Chiseled Bookcases and almost didn’t upload the video because of how bad I thought it was. So to see it number 1 out of 10 makes me laugh annoyed at how well this terrible video has down compared to a video I spent months on like the Modded Survival series (Episode 5 and 6) and the fact that his around 90 views shocks me. There must have been some keywords in the tag section and title section that gather the eyes of the people of the tube. Anyway thanks for the 90 views and hopefully all my videos from here can have that same peak. Shame that a few days later something happened that changed my life… Well, for the next two years.

This is what it looks like to edit late at night…

2.10.22 @ 23:27pm

Edit: Rant over, I changed the files name back to the file name they had originally and it works again! Thank god I don’t have to create a new one and do it all again.

So then. Rant time…

RANT: So I have been recording my Modded Survival episode 5 video and edited over half of it and was really proud of it and then I decided I would move all the files to a different folder under ‘Modded Survival recordings’ and CHANGED THE NAME! Note to anyone using Davinci Resolve, DO NOT EVER CHANGE THE NAME TO A FILE BECAUSE IT WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE! Because Davinci resolve thinks the clips are under the original names and when changed it cannot find the files under that name anymore so thinks you deleted your project and does this…

Livid as you can tell…

Just getting ready to edit another vlog being filmed tomorrow for the Ice Bug channel (Old name: Bbarroop Block) and found all the Portugal vlog clips. This is what it looks like to see some of my folders. Anyway now I’ve found what’s dragging down my storage I can clean it up for tomorrow. Also will try and edit the vlog for Thursday night of Friday but I’ve also got a video of my own to edit for Friday and seeing as I’m out all day tomorrow might have to leave the Ice Bug vlog on hold for a bit… Hopefully not though.!

Hoping to play the fortnite live event…

Not going to record my reaction to the fortnite live event thats happening today as i’m at my friends house but we’re going to watch the event together. may send a photo.

Home sweet home. It was a great holiday. Not sure how great the vlog will be but I will try.


I am afraid the quality of the vlog has really dropped after Mondays part but oh well.


As i said yesterday no video today and possibly no video tomorrow depending on my mood and if there’s anything I can film as I am spending time with family and spending time away from the camera and vlogging stuff.


Going on a car trip…

I don’t really feel like filming much tomorrow if at all so i might not. Hopefully there will be a video on Wednesday otherwise there will be one on Thursday.


Didn’t film anything today as we spent it with family due to it being Easter but tomorrow theres a video so don’t worry.


Me at 23:45 Saturday night remembering to put an image up for “today” before “today” becomes “yesterday”.

I didn’t take many pictures today but i did take this with a dog so yeah thats all your getting. See you tomorrow.


Its good/Easter Friday. Didn’t do much to celebrate today however tomorrow…

stay tune.


Todays image.

Enjoying the view!


I will be trying to remember to update this everyday with a new image.

Wednesday 13th April 2022

…Recording in Progress…

I have fixed the thumbnail and made the size smaller so say good bye to the previous thumbnail which is below…

Only og’s will remember this thumbnail

This was supposed to be the thumbnail for tomorrows video but youtube kept saying the file was too big so it got downgraded…

In tomorrows video I will be spectating people and here is a scene to show you what stuff is to come.

A little bit of what’s to come in tomorrow’s video….

New video out tomorrow

My IceBlock Podcast will begin on March 1st on my youtube channel.

Tomorrow I will be uploading my Wandavision theory and it will be talking about “will Mephisto appear in Wandavision?”

Coming tomorrow

As I didn’t upload anything on Monday you can watch the minecraft duel video that me and my friend did but it will be unedited and quite long. It doesn’t have any microphone audio tho sorry.

Not edited

Part 2 is now live, you can watch me being embarrassed by my friend on minecraft hyixel.